About us

We are a distributed team of passionate and creative engineers. Our unique personalities and specialized skill sets allow us to work well with a diverse collection of clients; together we’ll transform ideas into reality.

How We Can Help?


Sometimes you need some help and don’t have the bandwidth. We can power you team with our IT Professionals.

Team Development

You have the next big idea? We can put a team together swiftly and integrate a team what will work with you and your process.

Blockinit LLC
Alejandro Vazquez | Tate Peñaranda | Javier Arias

How We’ll Work Together

Teach Leads

One of our seasoned professionals will act as a tech lead. The lead will be responsible for the rest of the team and help source any new individual to get the job done.

Team Support

We encourage every team member to participate in our “IT” channel and chat about any issues that they may have. We use our collective knowledge to help. This has proved to accelerate the process to find the correct answers and push forward.

Team Integration

We join or crate a chat so we can be a part of your day to day. Stand ups, sprint planning or any meeting that can pop up.


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